On Immigration

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            This comment appears in another section of my website but I found that it would be appropriate to place it in my Art pages so that it is available to those interested in what goes on in our country.


                                                                      On Immigration

        In keeping with the spirit of on-going discussions of immigration through our southern border, it being legal or illegal, I would like to add some comments of my own. 

I hear the statement "comprehensive immigration" used by political aspirants to office so often that I lose comprehension as to what the statement really means. Well, whatever it means, there are a few tidbits that might ease or worsen the pain when attempting to comprehend.

        During World War Two the young men of our country volunteered or were drafted to serve in the Armed Forces. Eventually a majority of our male population was away from home thus causing a depletion of manpower in the American workforce. That workforce somehow had to be replaced. So what did we, as a country, do to replace this workforce? We looked south of the border down Mexico way !

        The Mexican Government, being what it has been since time immemorial, oppressive, was keeping the so-called "peon" at bay. Suddenly the opportunity was presented where the need for workers in the US was great, and the needy were ready and willing to accommodate. Thus the Mexican "bracero" was created.

         The word "bracero" is a derivative of the Spanish word "brazo", meaning arm. Here one is able to connect the two by allowing that workers use  their arms to accomplish whatever task happens to be at hand. These "braceros" filled the void of workers in the steel mills, the railroads, the fields on farms, the kitchens in American restaurants, and just about anywhere a helping hand was needed.

         Now we are attempting to keep these same people out of our Country by building fences and using drug running and terrorism as excuses.

         The "illegals" who find their way into the US from our southern border and somehow acquire decent jobs and become upstanding in their communities are suddenly dumped together with the type of rabble that has existed here and everywhere else forever.

         I listen to Donald Trump and do-good commentators that are all for border fences and walls, and see and hear about raids on companies employing illegal residents. The faces on some of these commentators can be read to show the true feelings they have when mentioning those entering our southern border, and raiders of those companies clearly show their disdain for human freedoms.

         So---- I ask, what happened to the meaning of the message in the sonnet, "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazaras found in the Statue of Liberty and reads in part:

                        "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she,

                         with silent lips, Give me your tired, your poor,

                         your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

                         the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

                         send these, the homeless, tempest-lost to me,

                         I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

           I can imagine that the Great Lady's lamp was extinguished when she attempted to look in a southerly direction.         

          Trump is about ready to pull the cord on that light now that he is in line to become the next Preident of The United States of America, then, perhaps pull the  Statue of Liberty to the bottom of the sea, and raise his own arm while shouting "Victory at last!"