Mermaid - Chicago

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Mermaid - Chicago - 48"H X 60" W ( Oil on Canvas)
This painting was inspired by the original sculpture of the mermaid on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago.
This Artist was a member of a group of Artists and Sculptors taking part in its creation in 1986.

The sculpture of the Mermaid was rediscovered on the shore of Lake Michigan at 39th Street in December of 2000, later removed from its original location by the City of Chicago and placed under the care of the Chicago Park District.
According to information received by this Website, this sculpture was to have been placed somewhere along the Lake Michigan shore as part of a retaining wall, scheduled to be built sometime in the future by the City of Chicago.
After the "discovery" of the Sculpture of the Mermaid, a controversy soon arose as to who the creator of the sculpture was. A celebrated article appeared in People Magazine with information
regarding the Sculpture that was incomplete.

Following is a list of those who participated in the creation of the Mermaid back in 1986.

Jose Moreno - Creator of the Sculpture. Resident of Michoacan, Mexico. Established and renown
throughout his Country for his work as a Sculptor. Jose is affiliated with Art Galleries in the Chicago area, where much of his works have been exhibited and sold.

Roman Villarreal - Sculptor and co-creator of the Mermaid. Resident of Chicago where he has
established himself as a solid and exceptional Sculptor. He has exhibited and sold his work in
Art Galleries in the Chicago area and the Midwest.

Edfu Kin-ginga - Maker of African Jewelry. Resident of Chicago. Has exhibited and sold his work at art shows throughout the Chicago area. Edfu assisted in sculpting the Mermaid by invitation.

Alfred Arroyo - Artist in oil on canvas, specializing in portraits and landscapes. Long time resident of Chicago, now living in Cicero, Illinois. Past organizer of art exhibits and former
President and co-founder of the Chicago Urban Arts Group. Alfred (better known as just Fred) assisted in the sculpting of the Mermaid by invitation.



















                        The Mermaid on Michigan Lake

    facing east at thirty ninth on the edge of michigan lake

    by a whim of young sculptors and old assistants

   a rising bosom never to fall 

   a face serene eyes closed never to see the rising sun

   from the horizon of michigan lake

   her bended knees or tail shall we say

   ready to straighten and snap to lift her from her bed of stone

   to dive into the depths of michigan lake

   to rise naught til the next full moon 

   we call her la sirena young sculptors and old assistants 

   we call her la sirena the mermaid on michigan lake  



   Poem by Alfred Arroyo --- Copyright 2002

   Written before the Mermaid was moved away from Lake Michigan