Francisca and the Boys

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Francisca and the Boys---A novel by Alfred Arroyo

The latest edition of the novel 'Francisca and the Boys' by Alfred Arroyo has been released by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. Twelve new chapters have been added to the entire story,  giving the family saga added segments that had not been included in the first edition. There will be more to come in a sequel planned for the near future.To order signed book contact the author by email at or call 708-704-9390. Price is $19.95 plus shipping. There may be a short wait to receive your order. Fred can also be found on facebook at and Fred's official auther website at 

 Free delivery by the Author within area of  ten to fifteen miles from Cicero Illinois.

 The book can also be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.




Images on book covers by: Pavel Losevsky, Firestock  


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 This is the latest and complete copy of 'Francisca and the Boys', tan background with black lettering and figures on paper cover.  

                                                      AUTHOR'S NOTE

    The Great Depression of the late 1920's and early 1930's caused suffering to families in every station of life, but more so to the immigrant who had no particular knowledge of the way of life in the United States. Immigrant families of the various nationalities that entered the United States for the first time suffered equally, for poverty did not pick its victim according to national origin. Each family head approached the problem in his or her own particular method.

     Readers should be aware that this novel was not written to give acceptance or support to a way of life that is presented here, but in reality this WAS the way of life for some families of that era. There is no message or protest intended here other than there were and are inconsistancies in life facing us all.

    This novel depicts the lives of the Delmonte family headed by Chamaco Delmonte who, in his own way, managed to keep the family above the poverty levels of the time. Circumstances eventually cause the family reins to be handed to his wife Francisca, giving her the task of bringing up their two sons, David and Nicolas, by herself.

    The Delmonte family happens to be of Mexican descent, as is this author, who therefor has used his own life experiences to set this story in place.

     Part one of this book is a revision of the first Francisca and the Boys included here as the first twelve chapters of the entire volume. Corrections have been made and twelve more chapters have been added to the original twelve.  

    Objectionable  language will be found in much of the dialogue in the following pages, but without it most of the realism in the story would be lost. Finally, to those readers who might be offended for any reason in the content of this novel, I sincerely apologize.

                                                                                                                                                             Alfred Arroyo