Gallery 4

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All paintings in Oil on Canvas

Kaylei & Julia (great grandaughters)

Augustine Arroyo (Brother) 1921- 1996

The Crying Woman ( La Llorona )

Mariposa Sol Arroyo (great-grand niece)

Diana, Princess of Wales- 1961- 1997

Maya Arroyo (great-grand niece)

Grandson Rick with wife Margaret ('09)

Isabel Arroyo (Sister-in-law)

Buckingham Fountain Chicago -- 6'W X 3'H -- ('11)

Nola Pearl Engeln and great-grandpa Fred Arroyo (me) 2014

Sophia Grace Sweetin (great granddaughter) '11

Frida Kahlo '16

Snow in the Driveway '91

Amelia Pytel (great granddaugter) '11

Kevin Pytel Jr. (great grandson) '12