Honor Flight Photos

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Photo Gallery


Waiting at Midway, that's me in the light blue pants

Shaking hands home from DC- Dig my driver!

Bob and me

Waiting some more with new pal

Air Force Memorial

Colors---Air Force Memorial

Vapor Trails--- Air Force Memorial

Pacific Entrance -- WWII Memorial

Lined up for Colors and photos--WWII Memorial

Waiting for Bob

Bob and me again.

Congressman Lipinski of IL. and me having chat

Color Guard in Honor of WWII Veterans

My Navy Driver and me while handshaking at Midway

My pretty driver and me

Here we are again

Family and me on arrival from DC

Shaking more hands

Korean War Memorial

Bob and me at center of WWII Memorial

Bob and me at Illinois column

New friends on the flight

Presentation of the Colors for WWII Vets at Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

Atlantic entrance

Declaration by President Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor Attack December 7, 1941

Further view of Atlantic Entrance

Jitterbugging at Dulles Airport

At the end of a wonderful rainbow

WWII Vet in his Navy Uniform

Color Guard retreating after Colors Presentation

Well received

Mini--cheer leaders

Female Vet on left--perhaps Army Nurse

Atlantic entrance in distance and center pool

Leaving south entrance of WWII Memorial